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Title: The Trolley Problem
Characters/Pairing(s): Twelfth Doctor/Missy/Simm!Master; brief appearances from Bill and Nardole
Rating: Adult
Word count: 7,131
Spoilers: through "The Doctor Falls"
Warnings: none
Beta: [personal profile] platypus
Summary: Two weeks and four ethical dilemmas in the life of Missy, Queen of Evil.

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There are people in your life that you know in their role and then when all of a sudden you see them slightly outside of it, and you realize how even more incredible they are than you even thought before.

We adore Perry's coach (she coached Linnea this summer, and Linnea has the cutest little girl crush on her!). She's one of those positive coaches who can get the most out of any kid willing to work, and she's allowed us to see some extraordinary sights of Perry, glimpses perhaps of the adult I hope he become.

So Perry is going to Head of the Charles. His regular training has now been stepped up, this is going to be high intensity intense. His coach has him using the erg (rowing machine) we have at home, and requests his times and splits, so he can't slack off! And yesterday, he was helping out with a private lesson for some adults (one of the adults worked with him a bit last summer when she was learning to row and wanted to again, she really likes Perry.) After that water workout, the coach had Perry erg a 5k, about the distance of the Head of the Charles race.

And she walked him through it. She's been a coxswain (on winning boats) there more than a few times, and knows the course. The 18 minutes of that 5k on the erg were incredible. She was right there, shouting, as if coxing, encouraging, pushing, telling him to get his stroke rate up, and she did all of it telling him approximately where he would be with respect to the race course, and what he would be seeing at about that time in the area, and where to point. It was a coaching session like I have never seen before.

I'd loved to video the whole thing, but I hadn't asked permission before, so didn't want to (she has very little e-presence), but man, that was amazing.

He beat his best 5k time by quite a bit.

I'm not surprised now that she was a winning university level and beyond coxswain!
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Some icons made for [community profile] iconthat, for Department S generally, and others spotted lurking on the hard-drive, including Doctor Who, Dracula (1968) & The Forsyte Saga. I like to save up and post in big sets, but that only means some things never get posted!


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Credits: textures by larmay, tiger_tyger & imemime_art. The usual rules apply - want, take, use, credit. Please no hotlinking.
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As the Pointer Sisters say:

I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it
I'm about to lose control and I think I like it
I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it

Come on and sign up, you know you want to!!!

2017 banner 3
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I am so fucking done with this horrid weather. I want grey skies and beautiful, cool WET rain.

And clean air along with it.

(No, I don't like summer, and the smoke from the BC wildfires is making it exponentially worse.)
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Okay here is a (Not Very) Lovely Story, it is called Chips (AO3 link).

It is about Bill going to visit Missy in the vault and she takes her some chips. Perhaps surprisingly this does NOT lead to happy carefree moments of bliss and/or Sapphism. It has no pairing as such and it is rated G because it does not even have swears in it. (Go me!) But it is a bit horrid, I should probably mention that.
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 I haven't been reading much the last few years because for a while my ADHD was untreated, and that made reading very difficult. Now that I'm medicated and in therapy, I decided to try and get back into it, so I joined Goodreads (feel free to add me if you want to).

 Right now I'm reading Wake of Vultures by Lila Bowen and enjoying it immensely. The main character is a trans, bisexual, black, and Native American, which is everything I could have ever dreamed of (especially as a trans bi Native myself). It's a western with vampires, and I think the western elements plus the stylized writing have put some people off. Personally, I find the writing style, while unique, is still crisp, and moves along at a good pace. I'm also not usually a fan westerns, but for me, having a main character who isn't just another rugged white man honestly helps a lot. (Plus, it's historically accurate, since a lot of cowboys were in fact people of color who didn't have a lot of other job options.)

So yeah, I'm really liking this book so far, and I look forward to reading more and more!
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OMG, people.

So Perry "won the lottery" and will be rowing in Boston for Head of the Charles. This is the biggest regatta in North America, and the fact that his coaches thought he is good enough to be safe, and have it be worth entering for him is a big deal.

OMG. David, Perry and I will be in Boston the weekend of October 21/22, I guess.

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In the event of me seemingly getting worse at writing birthday ficlets, instead of better, I have for the past couple of years, taken the Unconventionalcourtship Generator and had a flash-fic writing session with it, tackling any prompts where I felt able to write both characters for [personal profile] john_amend_all's birthday. The end of June was particularly bad, so here it is, only slightly delayed.

One of the results that came up was clearly something I thought would amuse [ profile] astrogirl2, who also had a birthday around the same time, so, I'm calling that a belated present also. Plus some bonus summaries I failed at writing. (The whole package is like a bundle of those tacky plasticky things you get at the seaside, but I had fun.) I did this on different days, before and during my family's visit, so it all got a bit out of hand. But still mostly not even shippy. /o\

Unconventional Results Under Here )
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YEAH BITCHES IT IS DONE. It is not quite 10,000 words but nearly, which is odd because not much really happens in it?? It is, erm, Twissy fic with lite pr0n content because it is about aliens going into heat and making sweet yet frantic love to each other. Thusly it is rated "Mature" so children are not allowed to read any of this under any circumstances whatsoever. I dunno, it'll have to do because I don't know how to rewrite it any better than it is.

Here is the AO3 link, yo.

Pls enjoy and be kind about it??
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These are the first photos of our kittens! They were born 31 July, and should be coming home late September. They're Norwegian Forest Cats, and we're all excited as heck!

This is the girl:


It was tough. We had a choice between "Girl 1" and "Girl 2". Perry and I thought Girl 1 was cuter, the other three were all for Girl 2. So we lost out on that one. That said, Girl 2 is plenty cute!

And here is the whole litter. We're also getting the cream boy!

At this point, tentatively, the girl will be named Auri, from Pat Rothfuss' _The Name of the Wind_, a favourite book for three of us, and a great character. Also, we thought, a good name. The boy will be Twisp.

Note that they're very little, just a few days old. Linnea was slightly distressed when she saw the photos. I think she expected them to look like cute month or so old kittens. Clearly she has not been exposed to newborns... I mean, you may love them, but they're cuter later on!

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 I've been at a lost about what to post lately, so I thought I'd do one of these! Comment with a character and I'll asnwer:

How do I feel about this character:
What do I like/admire about this character:
What do I dislike about this character:
Favorite moment for this character:
Who I ship romantically with this character and why:
Who are my platonic ships for this character and why:
Things done in fanfiction with this character that annoy me:
Things done in fanfiction with this character I want to see more of:

This weekend is the Outwrite queer lit fest in Washington, DC, and I’m honored to be this year’s keynote. Instead of doing a dull speech about how ancient and wise I am (hah) I’m doing a pile of events and panels:

FRIDAY NIGHT I’ll be one of the lineup of storytellers at Smut Slam Cabaret, where I’ll tell a brief adventure of how being an erotica writer almost sent me to the emergency room. Don’t try this at home, kids. No wait, home is exactly where you should try these things…

Free and open to the public!

I’ll be exhibiting and selling books from 10am to 1pm and then sporadically between my many shindigs:

Panel on queer publishing. With me will be Lisa Moore (Redbone Press), Steve Berman (Lethe Press), Lori Perkins (Riverdale Ave Books), and moderated by S. Andrea Allen (BLF Press).

I’ll tell you a tale of how the past 25 years of publishing adventure has gone, and to keep it interesting we’ll make it a bingo game! That way you can win books. Come have fun with me.

I’ll be reading with three other authors, Christian Baines, Dena Hankins, and Michael M. Jones.

With me will be some of the writers and editors on the front lines of the intersection of sex writing and politics, Sunny Moraine, Michael M. Jones, and Lori Perkins.

All events except the Smut Slam are at The DC Center For the LGBTQ Community, 2000 14th Street NW, Suite 105, Washington, DC 20009.

If you’re on Facebook you can see the complete lineup of events here:

If you’re avoiding Facebook for political reasons, unfortunately I can’t find the full schedule of events anywhere, and given that many LGBTQ folks have very good reasons to avoid Facebook it’s a bit disappointing that the event’s main website doesn’t seem to have a schedule up (but maybe I’m just not looking in the right place):

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Thoughts from the Oxford Doctor Who Society on the most recent series, condensed from several weeks of discussion on Facebook Messenger, are now available in one document downloadable from The Tides of Time blog.


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