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( Jun. 8th, 2017 12:17 pm)
Let's Go Round Again by [ profile] Jaxon ([ profile] deathdaydungron)
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing/Characters: Severus, Lily (some Severus/Lily), Tobias & Eileen Snape, brief appearance by Ron Weasley
Rating: General
Words: 4242

Author's summary/notes: Severus died at the jaws of Nagini in May 1998, but instead of taking a well earned rest in the afterlife, he finds himself back in December 1975. This is tagged as Snily, because it touches on their relationship (and well, you'll see) - but be warned that the prompt explicitly asked for them not to get together... Received a Tumblr prompt asking: Can you please write something where Snape goes back in time after dying, but decides to not pursue Lily (because she deserves better or realizing that he needs to let go of her if he wants to move on)?
Author's warnings: none

My comment: Would be a bit spoilery. Just know that it's got a sort of Groundhog Day or Peggy Sue Got Married setup.

“No, Lil-” He placed his hand over one of hers. “I’m sorry. It’s just… Lucius isn’t who I thought he was.”
“You mean he’s not a rich, smug, Muggle hating Death Eater?”
“I’ve been an idiot,” Severus said, twisting his left ear, looking ashamed. “He is a rich, smug, Muggle hating Death Eater. And I don’t want to be that.” He looked up. “Well, I wouldn’t mind being rich…”


Putting this second one behind a cut because it has spoilers for Broadchurch season 3, which hasn't aired in the US yet (begins June 28).

Read more... )
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( May. 10th, 2017 07:36 pm)
(Hmmm. It occurs to me that now I've become somewhat multifannish, I should probably add a line for Fandom: to my rec template.)

Regulus' Worst Memory by [ profile] jaxon
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing/Characters: Regulus, Severus, Avery, Mulciber, Evan
Rating: Teen
Words: 1611

Author's summary: On the evening of Snape's Worst Memory, Regulus Black is left to pick up the pieces. Tumblr prompt: Could you fic the evening of Snape's Worst Memory?
Author's warnings: implied/referenced self-harm

My comment: "Pretty powerful stuff!"

He swallowed bitterly, sick that this had become his problem and the others had washed their hands of the situation. It was his own fault for being one of the only Slytherins – one of the only students full stop – to really engage with Snape. He wouldn’t have ordinarily given him the time of day, greasy halfblood that he was – but Snape fitted beautifully into the rules that moulded Regulus’ life: Everything that Sirius did, Regulus didn’t. Everything Sirius didn’t, Regulus did.
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( May. 3rd, 2017 02:32 pm)
[ profile] deathdaydungeon has been backing up their mostly gen Snape fic to AO3 lately, under the name [ profile] jaxon. I recommend a look-see at least for basically all their stuff, but here are some highlights. Read more... )
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( Jan. 30th, 2017 12:49 pm)
Awesome gen Severus art yesterday on [ profile] snapecase over on LJ - How Can I Help You, Minerva?

And I've been meaning to rec this fic from a few weeks ago in Snapecase:

A Whiff of Cordite
Pairing/Characters: Snape family
Rating: PG-13
Words: 4131

Author's summary: A child never understands the entire story. Sometimes, neither does the man.
Author's warnings: Adult language, mild violence, implied domestic violence.

My comment: "Wow, amazing start to finish. I love all the Northern flavor. "

"Oi, take a look at those jazzy keks…!" the ringleader mocked from atop a battered bicycle, his minions chuckling along with atavistic glee.

The typical Mancunian retort fell off his tongue before he could supress it. "Get off and milk it, ya pikey bastard." A quick flick of his fingers sent a mild hex spinning towards a low hanging gutter, the movement disguised as a two-fingered salute. With a dull crack the rusting metal broke free, liberally dousing the lads with filthy water.
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( Oct. 30th, 2014 02:00 pm)
Hey errybody, check out this cute frickin' adorable (depending on your taste, I suppose) art of young Severus with a cauldron by [ profile] akatnamedeaster.

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( Jun. 30th, 2014 12:05 pm)
via [ profile] delphipsmith; reposted with permission:

You may have seen the amazing fan-made Harry Potter movie, "For the Greater Good," which brings to life the break between Dumbledore and Grindelwald, and the death of Ariana. (If you haven't seen it, go watch, it's amazing!)

The same folks now want to do a full-length fan film that explores the relationship between Snape and the Marauders, and they've kicked off an Indiegogo campaign to fund it. (Thanks to [ profile] laralee88 for her post that let me know about it!) I REALLY hope this gets fully funded -- it looks really impressive, from the casting to the planned budget to the special effects. So spread the word :)

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( Mar. 16th, 2014 07:58 pm)
I have allowed my recs bookmarks folder to get way out of control. So beware the recs list of DOOOOOOOOM!

It's possible I have recced some of these before, yet they reappeared in the folder due to syncing mismatches between three installs of Pale Moon (Firefox), but whatever. If they were worth it once, surely they're worth it again. Read more... )

Whew! What was that, 20? I dunno, I only sort of counted the number of times I pasted in my rec template. I have a few Yuletide recs in other fandoms, but I'll save those for a different post.
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( Mar. 29th, 2013 09:58 pm)
Wormwood and Gall by [ profile] delphipsmith (in [ profile] snapecase)
Severus Snape, Albus Dumbledore, cameo by Lucius Malfoy; G, 3785 words
Author's summary: When Severus is offered the job of Potions Master at Hogwarts, he thinks that perhaps life might not be as desolate as it looked. Whether or not this is correct remains to be seen.
Author's warnings: Angst.

My comment: Great "missing years" piece.

"Are you well, Severus?" Albus Dumbledore said solicitously.

"Oh yes," Severus Snape said through numb lips. "Being nearly condemned to Azkaban is such an...energizing pastime."


Grey in the Dark by [ profile] potionpen
Eileen, Severus, OMC; AO3 rated "general audiences", 4082 words
Author's summary: It's a chocolate-scented August in the Sherwood, and there's a stormcrow at the door.

(this is about Severus buying his first wand, but not from Ollivander.)

"And he's a Ministry toady," the woman added, scowling. "The Trace on every bleeding wand he sells."

"Southern milquetoast," Dickon agrees, making a face. "No one'd stand for that nonsense north of Kent. Now, lad, do you want your mam to stay?"


(Love is a) Battlefield by [ profile] veridari (in [ profile] severus_sighs)
Severus/Harry, Neville, Teeny Nagini, Minerva, Draco and BAMF!Trevor; G
Author's summary: It is the annual Staff Valentine's Day Party, where lines are drawn in the sand, enemies are made and Cupid is nowhere to be found. Or is he? Yes, just your typical holiday at Hogwarts.

My comment: LOL! I love all of this. I think my favorite part is either Trevor's less-than-impressed look at his costume, or Minerva's assured delight at pointing out the missed point in Severus's logic...


Five Moments of Doubt by [ profile] Bagheera
Severus, Minerva, Ginny, Neville, Luna, Pomona Sprout; AO3 rated "general audiences", 5911 words
Author's summary: Five times someone doubted Snape's allegiance while he was headmaster, five moments at Hogwarts during year seven.

Ginny swallowed. Most portraits were feigning sleep, some empty, but Dumbledore was awake and present. He raised his silver eyebrows at her, then made a shooing motion with his hand, as if to remind her of her lines. Then he leaned back in the window frame and gazed down at Snape, calm and melancholy, as if he were seeing something quite different from his murderer.


The Things Draco Carries by [ profile] catsintheattic
Draco, Pansy, Severus, Vincent, Gregory, Blaise, Malfoys; AO3 rated "teen and up", 4875 words
Author's summary: Another pure-blood will recognise you by your blood and heritage, but any commoner will recognise you by your possessions. Seven years at Hogwarts. Seven insights into Draco’s schoolbag.

There is a Potions essay in his bag that Professor Snape has marked in Draco’s first year. He has written not too bad under the text, followed by the energetic scribble that is his signature. Knowing Snape, Draco treats the parchment as if his Professor’s script were written in ink of gold.


Last Day at the Mill by Squirrel Patronus
Tobias, Severus; rated Teen, 2016 words
Author's summary: The Mill in Cokeworth is shutting down. Tobias Snape and his son, Severus, have different ideas about the future of the city.

He had meant to be friendly, conversational. His own son was a stranger to him. Severus smiled a ghastly grin at him. His black eyes continued to bore through his father.
edit: apparently this crosspost to LJ failed. apologies to those who see it more than once on DW and IJ.

I've been building these up for a while (there are... 17?), so I'm omitting the quotes from the fics I would usually give.

Fic )

Fic+Art )

Art )
7 Loves/7Lives (i called you brother seven times) by [ profile] xylodemon
Sirius/Regulus, AO3 "Mature" rating, 7244 words
Author's summary: This is a thing that never should have started.
Author's warnings: I didn't tag this as necrophilia because it really isn't, but it's close. Also, Regulus and Sirius are possibly underage in parts of this.

"Just once." Sirius closes his eyes, mumbles the words against his brother's mouth.

"It's always been just once," Regulus says, and Sirius thinks that's a lie.

Once became twice became thrice became too much. This should stop, but it never should have started, and Sirius' breath catches when Regulus presses him back against the wall.


The Other Half by [ profile] leela_cat in [ profile] snapecase
Tobias, Eileen, Severus, PG, 2672 words
Author's summary: He's long and skinny, and his nose seems to be a combination of the worst of both Eileen's and mine. Poor little sod will never live that one down. His skin, though, is the softest I've ever felt. Brushing my stained, scarred finger over his cheek feels like a crime, but I can't stop myself.

My comment: "*applauds* as [ profile] sionna_raven said, thank you for turning a cardboard cliche into this."

It's not until later that night, when it's time to put Severus to bed, that I realise I have to talk to Eileen and tell her that her father is dead. She's tired, though, and has a headache. Tomorrow, I think, as I watch her carry Severus upstairs.

The lad's getting so big. His arms and legs are hanging over her arms. Still, even with his size, it's hard to believe he'll be starting school come the backend of the year. He's not showing signs of magic, either, despite Eileen letting him lark around with her wand.

He's still my son.


Since Perhaps Forever by [ profile] laventadorn in [ profile] silverdoefest
Severus/Lily "pre-het", author rates M for language but I count just one swear word, 1233 words
Author's summary: AU. After the war is over, Lily and Severus reconnect.

My comment: "Very nice. I like the visuals of Severus: slinking from the shadows, 'as if hopeful that someone with a voice like could that teach them a proper song', and the dry humor in 'Trade secrets.'"

Severus’ voice, slinking out of the shadows like a black cat, said, “Perhaps you should try for a tune you can carry.”

Lily was so startled she almost fell face-forward into the flowers. They had turned toward him, unfurling their petals wide, as if hopeful that someone with a voice like could that teach them a proper song. “Severus! Jesus, make noise, would you?”
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( Feb. 16th, 2012 12:26 pm)
In This Valley of Dying Stars by [ profile] fiery_flamingo in [ profile] hp_darkfest
Andromeda, Narcissa, various Blacks; PG-13, 2037 words
Author's summary: It seems like the Blacks only gather for their dead.
Author's warnings: Character death(s), angst

My comment: "...Whoa. That was powerful. Well done."

In a flash of what she then believes is hubris, a twelve-year old Andromeda thinks that more than blood purity or honor this is what her family is: a collection of people obligated to stand over your grave when the time comes, no matter how repulsive or unloved you were in life. They care only by pact, a mutual treaty of mourning. They cry at each others' funerals because no one else will.


These Are the Hells We Crave by [ profile] mentalistecbm in [ profile] hp_emofest
Regulus/Sirius, NC-17, ~1200 words
Author's summary: Toujours pur, and this is no place for outsiders so we’re fucking keeping this shit in the family.
Author's warnings: incest, but I’d wager that’s pretty obvious.

My comment:
"Toujours pur, and this is no place for outsiders so we’re fucking keeping this shit in the family.

I liked this line a lot. I can just see Regulus's face, grave and resolute.

When Severus almost dies and absolutely everyone knows that Sirius had something to do with it and Slytherin declares fucking war

Oooh, I so hope something like this happened, that Severus had some defenders in the matter at least. Although somehow I see Severus being humiliated by the whole thing and trying to keep it as hush-hush as possible. But yes, this would be lovely, a whole fic prompt in itself. And yet I also love how Regulus is a fierce defender of his own brother and nothing gets in the way of that. It's just how I see Reg - despite everything, brotherly bond wins out."

He’s no idea why it started or where it happened, not really; he remembers that it was winter, which makes a strange bit of sense, and that Sirius had worn a black wool coat that evening, had stolen Regulus’ Slytherin scarf, and that he looked so fucking perfect, looked like those colours were where he belonged.


Nowt to Be Afraid Of by [ profile] odogoddess in [ profile] snapelyholidays
Severus, Eileen, mentions of Lily & Harry & Albus; PG, 2840 words
Author's summary: If dreams can be nightmares, can nightmares be mere dreams?

My comment: "That was just delightful all around! Great voice and tone."

He sat, grateful for a peaceful night's sleep for a change. He could hear muffled sounds from the kitchen and a nearly forgotten smell he thought of as home and what he'd missed most after he'd grown up and his mother...

Grown up? He studied his arm. It was thin and small. He looked down and noted the rest of his slender, bony body. He lifted the bedcovers and then his nightshirt, allowing the cold in to note his still hairless and lanky boy's body. His hands shook as he dropped his nightshirt and blanket back down.

But I died... didn't I?


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