My DW feed on DeviantArt was very happy today. Check out some of these selections by [ profile] Abecedye:

The Valeyard

Victorious Metacrisis

Oh How We've Grown Up, Dearest Friend


(I am not a very big fan of Clara in general but somehow the idea of Ten/Oswin particularly, even just as friends, is kind of hitting me in the feels now that I've seen this.)

Become The Beast

And this little bonbon for the Tencest fans in the audience:


Hm. Apparently I have quite a taste for the Victorious and other ways of depicting Ten losing his shit mentally and/or emotionally. Wonder what that says about me.

(no, DW, when I try to tag this post "the valeyard" you should not autocomplete it with "takin' over the asylum". even if maybe there is a vague thematic link with what I just said about Ten losing his mind.)


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