Great meta post by [ profile] pazithigallifreya responding to the question of just what Sirius was thinking in trying to get Severus to meet a werewolf in the Shrieking Shack, wandering into Sirius's psychology in general and his relationship with Severus:

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I agree with most of that except the stuff regarding GoF. I think Sirius was acting in what he thought was Harry's best interests more than just playing a dangerous game. He was careful during that time and gave Harry good advice and was probably the most mentally healthy he's ever been at any time in his adult life.

I think more than having to be in the mix of danger, Sirius had to feel useful and wanted to feel happy, two things he probably never felt growing up. That those things generally came with a sense of danger is just a happenstance of the times he lived in.

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I agree. The GoF year was his one chance to really try and be the godfather he wanted to be to Harry and given his circumstances I think he did a laudable job. Had he been left to his own devices and not thrust into #12, I believe he would have survived. He demonstrated that he was resourceful and able to look after himself. Being at #12 was a death sentence.

Sirius' story arc just about kills me every time I really think about it. People go on and on about how she must have hated Snape since his story ended so horribly, but if you ask me, going by that metric, she hated Sirius most of all. Snape had 12 years of relative comfort and stability to at least try and get his shit together (his personality and likely being in Hogwarts making that a losing proposition, but still, there was some opportunity for him to try and come to terms with things. I won't go into how much I think just being at Hogwarts was awful for Severus' mental/emotional state.) Sirius had none of that since he was tossed in prison and probably before that.

Sad that his "best year" was living in a cave eating rats. :P


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