(posting in this journal because it's something I mostly/only see in fandom context.)

So like... what is the deal with phrasing like in this post that talks about what this or that smokin' hot person does "to the ovaries"? I mean, I get the similar jokes about "whoops, now I'm pregnant" because the implication is that you wanted to have sex with them (although I find "I want to have his babies" very weird as an expression of sexual desire; but then I am snipped and would use the word "childfree" for myself, so I digress). But I don't know about any of y'all out there who are similarly equipped, but for me the physical sensation associated with that "mmm, yes please" feeling is centered in the vulva, i.e. the sensation of blood swelling the tissue in the area (similar to a penile erection), not in my ovaries. In fact, since I am not one of those people who can feel themselves ovulate, basically I feel nothing from the ovaries ever unless my gynecologist is doing that thing she does during a pelvic exam (sdjkfadfdsjflsdj*heebie-jeebies*). I understand that those with testicles get a sensation there, but I dunno that this is something that really transfers well based solely on parallel function (production of gametes). Soo... uh?
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I've always interpreted that phrase to imply causing arousal or orgasm - I figure that to a lot of people, "clitoris" or "vulva" or similar words are too vulgar to use for what's meant to be a cute and clever phrase, so they chose a body part that's related and more acceptable, and damn the fact that it doesn't have anything to do with actual sex. I'm not sure that ovaries have any nerve endings in them, so I doubt you can feel anything happening to them.

I also find the "want to have his babies" phrase odd. I can tell you that I have never wanted to have any man's babies - because I've never wanted to have babies. On the other hand, I also don't look at anyone and feel sexual desire, so maybe I'm not the best judge of this.
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As someone with testicles, it still puzzles me because I only really get a sensation in them if I've been turned on for a long time, and then it isn't a pleasant one. I think that's pretty common among us testicle-bearers.
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As someone in a heterosexual relationship and with two kids, I also don't get either wanting to have someone's kids or anything to do with ovaries as being at all sexually arousing. You could argue wanting to have someone's kids is a romantic thing but it's usually used in a way to suggest someone's hot and that's not really the same as wanting to have a family with them.

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Maybe they're one of the women who can actually tell when they ovulate. I sometimes can feel it, but I also respond strongly to my cycle and am usually horny as anything around my time of ovulation anyway <_< a bit TMI, perhaps, but would explain the idea of "seeing this extremely hot person made me ovulate and now I can't think of anything but sex"? Or maybe it's more the idea that pregnancy usually takes a few months of trying for a lot of couples, so it's more like a declaration of desire to have sex for a few months straight rather than just a one-time deal? idk.
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OMG, I am right there with you on being perplexed about this trend. I agree with the other commenters that I think it has something to do with being seen as less vulgar and therefore more acceptable that other phrases, but considering that I mostly see this language used in fandom in groups of (presumably mostly) women, it seems like a very odd form of self-policing? Especially when the underlying vibe of sex is obvious.

I also see a lot of *ovaries explode/exploding/bomb.gif*. There is nothing sexy about body parts exploding. The image makes me shudder.


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