[tumblr.com profile] deathdaydungeon has been backing up their mostly gen Snape fic to AO3 lately, under the name [archiveofourown.org profile] jaxon. I recommend a look-see at least for basically all their stuff, but here are some highlights.


Happy Memories
Pairing/Characters: Severus, Albus, Tobias, Lily, Lucius
Rating: Teen
Words: 4819
Warnings: language

Summary/Notes: First War: Severus has defected, but is unhappy at Albus' less than discreet methods of contact. Members of the Order communicate via Patronus, but can Snape learn to cast one? This came from an anonymous prompt on Tumblr: Some headcanons or a story about how Lily ISN'T Snape's happy memory when he casts a patronus. This grew, and grew, and grew - not least because I started thinking about Snape’s assertion to Harry that a patronus wasn’t necessarily the best way to deal with dementors.

His happiest memories contained Lily, but the dementor seemed to be aware of this. It seemed to be revelling in his darker memories, gleefully drawing them to the surface and forcing Snape to re-live every second of his ex-best friend’s hatred, destroying the happy moments he was trying to focus on.


Nobody Goes to Cokeworth on Holiday
Pairing/Characters: Severus, Harry, Petunia, Vernon, Dudley, Minerva
Rating: Teen
Words: 1771
Warnings: AU

Summary/Notes: Summer 1991. Evading Harry's Hogwarts letters causes the Dursley family to flee to Petunia's childhood town of Cokeworth. But Petunia isn't the only person who calls Cokeworth home. And that dark mysterious man is floored when he spies a face he's not seen in 20 years: an 11 year old James Potter. From an anonymous Tumblr prompt: Could you write a fic where it's Snape who meets when the Dursleys are staying in Cokeworth?

Dudley swallowed hard. Ordinarily, he’d scream and shout, and stamp his feet – but the man’s black eyes were unnerving. He slid back onto his seat.
“Not my son, Snape,” Petunia whispered, horrified. “You can take the other one, but please, not my Duddy.”
“Nobody wants your Duddy,” Severus sneered.


Like Father, Like Son
Pairing/Characters: Severus, Tobias, Eileen, Draco
Rating: Teen
Words: 2590
Warnings: PTSD, abuse

Summary/Notes: World War II takes its toll on Tobias. His grief and anger and violent behaviour ruins not just his own life, but his wife and son's too. Severus swore that he would never be like his father, but when Wizarding War II rolls around, is history bound to repeat? Written for Remembrance Day 2015.

This disagreement was nothing new. Severus had heard the argument a million times before, and could practically whisper along as each parent taunted the other. She’d wail at him to be a man – to pull himself together. He’d sneer, the wrinkles on his craggy face deepening. He’d peer down his large hooked nose, and in a dangerously low hiss, he’d mock her for hiding away at her posh school, playing her ridiculous games whilst the rest of the country pitched in and did their bit.
It was always worse in November.


Pairing/Characters: Severus, Tobias, Eileen, Lily, Mr. & Mrs. Evans, Petunia, Minerva
Rating: Teen
Words: 4316
Warnings: language, corporal punishment, domestic violence

Summary/Notes: When Harry breaks the Statute of Secrecy by flying to Hogwarts in a Ford Anglia, Severus Snape is convinced the boy should be expelled. After all, breaking the Statute is a serious offence. And Severus should know; he remembers his own brutal punishment only too well. This stemmed from a discussion about Snape being scarred. I proposed that he might carry scars from childhood rather than adulthood, as he was possibly capable of healing his wounds as an adult. I received a prompt request of: I think he has scars because he doesn't hurt people physically but he is nasty verbally. He was injured when he was little and he doesn't want to hurt people in the same way but he thinks verbal abuse doesn't count. Can you write how he receives his scars as a kid?

“I met a fella today.” Tobias strode back and forth. Thump. Thump. Thump. “Right posh fella he was. Right posh fella who said what a delight it was to meet my boy.” He bent down, stared Severus in the face, and laughed loudly. “Ain’t never yet met a right posh fella who was pleased to meet my boy.”


Civilised People Use Doors
Pairing/Characters: Severus/Lily, Mrs. Evans
Rating: Teen
Words: 1427
Warnings: language, not quite canon compliant

Summary/Notes: Hogwarts was magical but Lily and Severus realised that Cokeworth had its advantages; long lazy days without Potter and Black, or Avery and Mulciber. No Gryffindor versus Slytherin wars, and most certainly no mention of Pureblood politics. Just Lily. Just Severus. With a record player, a bedroom, and some time to find what makes the other tick... Following a discussion about the possibility of Severus and Lily losing their virginity to each other, I received the following prompt: not necessarily the whole sex thing but what about a short fic about how they got to that point?

“Just…be sensible, won’t you?”
Lily folded the dishcloth and hung it over the radiator, her cheeks burning. “Thanks Mum.”
“And Lily? Please tell Severus that he’s not to climb out of the window. Civilised people use doors.”


My Heart Skips a Beat
Pairing/Characters: Tobias/Eileen, Tobias's mother
Rating: Teen
Words: 4885
Warnings: language

Summary/Notes: Tobias Snape is an old romantic, and much to the chagrin of his long suffering mother, refuses to settle down until he meets the woman who makes his heart skip a beat. Enter Eileen Prince. Set against the backdrop of a Muggle Britain reeling from WWII, this fic covers Eileen and Tobias' embryonic relationship, all the way through to Severus' early Muggle schooldays. I was asked on Tumblr for: A different slant on Tobias?

“Yer shouldn’ be too hard on yer mam, lad,” Derek said as he placed the settling pint in front of Tobias.
“She’s always interferin’,” Tobias grumbled. “Watch yer language. Watch yer drinkin’. Watch yer gamblin’.”
“She just wants to see yer right,” Jimmy said, taking a long sip from his glass. “Settled down, like.”
Tobias scoffed. “Ain’t no-one round ‘ere wants to settle down wi’ the likes of me.”
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