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Let's Go Round Again by [ profile] Jaxon ([ profile] deathdaydungron)
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing/Characters: Severus, Lily (some Severus/Lily), Tobias & Eileen Snape, brief appearance by Ron Weasley
Rating: General
Words: 4242

Author's summary/notes: Severus died at the jaws of Nagini in May 1998, but instead of taking a well earned rest in the afterlife, he finds himself back in December 1975. This is tagged as Snily, because it touches on their relationship (and well, you'll see) - but be warned that the prompt explicitly asked for them not to get together... Received a Tumblr prompt asking: Can you please write something where Snape goes back in time after dying, but decides to not pursue Lily (because she deserves better or realizing that he needs to let go of her if he wants to move on)?
Author's warnings: none

My comment: Would be a bit spoilery. Just know that it's got a sort of Groundhog Day or Peggy Sue Got Married setup.

“No, Lil-” He placed his hand over one of hers. “I’m sorry. It’s just… Lucius isn’t who I thought he was.”
“You mean he’s not a rich, smug, Muggle hating Death Eater?”
“I’ve been an idiot,” Severus said, twisting his left ear, looking ashamed. “He is a rich, smug, Muggle hating Death Eater. And I don’t want to be that.” He looked up. “Well, I wouldn’t mind being rich…”


Putting this second one behind a cut because it has spoilers for Broadchurch season 3, which hasn't aired in the US yet (begins June 28).

A Thing With Feathers by [ profile] uglywettiewrites
Fandom: Broadchurch
Pairing/Characters: Alec/Ellie
Rating: Teen
Words: 3616

Author's summary/notes: [Right after the last scene of the last episode] Ellie sees Alec with his date at the same pub she went to that evening to have a solitary drink. The drink they should've had together. It bothers her, but she is loathe to approach them and say something. Alec knows her well, and expects her at his cottage after she's done sulking, with open arms.
Author's warnings: Chose not to use, but I'd say none.

My comment: (aside from quoting lines back to appreciate them) "*flail* well done. Thoroughly enjoyed."

He leaned on the counter across from her and gave her a precursor to a smile.
It made her jaw go slack. Maybe she shouldn’t have had the fourth glass of wine.
The golden light from the lamp over the kitchen table shone into his brown eyes, making them shimmer like carnelian. Fire licked sweetly over her limbs, and burned into her cheeks.
He’s beautiful. The crotchety, sour bastard. So beautiful.

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