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shyfoxling: swirling blue vortex (general (vortex))

Irrational Fangirls and the Half-Blood Prince


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Created on 2009-05-23 05:29:16 (#381901), last updated 2019-03-16 (5 days ago)

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Name:some kind of snark faery
If you're an LJ person who'd like to comment but don't want to get a DW account for whatever reason, here's a very informative post on creating and/or confirming the email address on an existing OpenID account so you can do so. (If you're a friend of someone who imported their LJ comments to DW, like, say, me, it's likely an OpenID account already exists here for your LJ name, and you can "claim" it.)

I'm also [ profile] shyfoxling/[ profile] shyfoxling.

Since some people are still requiring age statements and my birthdate above is access-only and minus the year: Yes'm, I am over 18.

Quick note on circling: I don't read absolutely everyone I give access to. (Obviously, I also don't give access to everyone I subscribe to, but that's kind of the point of the split system.) It's fairly rare, but it may be the case that while I don't mind you having access to my locked content (not that there's much), you don't write the kind of fic I'm personally interested in, or whatever. I'm also not currently reading everyone I gave access to in the past, but by the same token haven't unfriended them because I don't mind them seeing the few locked posts I make.

'Kay, with all that out of the way...

This is primarily a Harry Potter fan journal, but in November 2014 I kind of fell into Doctor Who fandom as well. I perfectly understand if any DW journals I friend/circle don't want to reciprocate, because my DW-related posts are few and I don't write any DW fic or anything like that. (Getting into Doctor Who also led to a massive obsession with David Tennant and all the other things he's done, but I don't really dribble and flail about that here; if you want that kind of thing, you can get some of it on my Tumblr @ silveth.)

I was a relative latecomer to Harry Potter fandom, only getting started after the publication of Deathly Hallows in 2007. I swiftly developed the mother of all a bit of a Severus Snape fixation and basically turned into a giant nerd.

I hate to have to talk in the past tense here, but realistically it's been like eight years (as of early 2019) since I wrote a word, so: I used to write some fic, although I was never prolific. It almost always included Severus (duh?). It was in a variety of genres and of all ratings. I made the occasional icon or macros. I pointed and laughed at badfic and amusing summaries. I do still do the occasional rec post. Meta and fangirling have pretty much petered out.

{ wear }

Severus Snape "color"bar by [ profile] kayryn

Campbell Bain colorbar by me

Snape-plus-some-others moodtheme mushed together from ones by [ profile] xxbrokenpromises, [ profile] goth_clark, and [ profile] madamtorsion.

Think twice before you speak, and then you may be able to say something more insulting than if you spoke right out at once.
(Evan Esar)

Interests (125):

amy pond, ancient runes, angst, arithmancy, astronomy, badfic, being pedantic, bejesus free since 1979, black clothing, black robes, blackcest, campbell bain, charms, crack fic, dark arts, dark humor, dark magic, david tennant, death eaters, diagon alley, discworld, doctor who, doctor/master, donna noble, douglas adams, eileen prince, eleven, eleven/amy, eleventh doctor, fan art, fan fiction, fandom icons, firewhisky, fluff, gallifrey, half-blood prince, harry potter, harry/severus, harry/snape, hating umbridge, hogwarts, hogwarts express, james/severus, knockturn alley, legilimency, lily evans, lily/severus, lily/snape, magic, marauder era, martha jones, men with long hair, merlin, meta, minerva mcgonagall, occlumency, parodies, parseltongue, potions, professor snape, pureblood quill makers' conspiracy, quidditch, random things of rassilon, ravenclaw, red dwarf, regulus black, regulus/severus, regulus/snape, sarcasm, sensuality, severus, severus snape, severus/harry, severus/james, severus/lily, severus/regulus, severus/sirius, sir crankypants, sirius black, sirius/regulus, sirius/severus, sirius/snape, skinny boys in suits, slash, slytherin, smirking the smirky smirk, snack, snames, snape, snape fan art, snape icons, snape/black, snape/harry, snape/james, snape/lily, snape/regulus, snape/sirius, snapecast, snark, snarky gits, snarry, snevans, snily, spells, spinner's end, summary executions, swirling robes, takin' over the asylum, tardis, ten, ten/donna, ten/rose, tencest, tenth doctor, tentoo, the dark arts, the dark mark, the master, the weasley twins, thestrals, time and space, time lords, transfiguration, villains, wit
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