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( May. 3rd, 2017 02:32 pm)
[ profile] deathdaydungeon has been backing up their mostly gen Snape fic to AO3 lately, under the name [ profile] jaxon. I recommend a look-see at least for basically all their stuff, but here are some highlights. Read more... )
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( Jan. 31st, 2017 12:32 pm)
[untitled] by [ profile] deathdaydungeon
Pairing/Characters: Gen; Severus, Albus; flashback appearances from Tobias, Eileen, Lily, Marauders, and Lucius
Rating: PG to PG-13 I'd say
Words: 4827
Prompt: "Some headcanons or a story about how Lily ISN'T Snape's happy memory when he casts a patronus."
Warnings: Canon-like scenes of bullying; some strong language.
It was impossible. Everything was tainted.

His happiest memories contained Lily, but the dementor seemed to be aware of this. It seemed to be revelling in his darker memories, gleefully drawing them to the surface and forcing Snape to re-live every second of his ex-best friend’s hatred, destroying the happy moments he was trying to focus on.
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( Nov. 12th, 2015 12:07 am)
Return to Hogwarts by [ profile] arithmancer
Pairing/Characters: Severus, Argus, Portrait!Albus, Minerva
Rating: G
Words: 2339

Author's summary: Severus Snape returns to Hogwarts as Headmaster. One-shot inspired by the events of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows".
Author's warnings: (none)

My comment: "Well done. You've got Severus nailed."

“Murderer!” she exclaimed, her voice heavy with disgust.
With a slightly mocking smile and courteous nod of his head, Severus swept his arm to indicate his guest should step inside.
“Minerva!” he said. “Do come in.”
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( Mar. 16th, 2014 07:58 pm)
I have allowed my recs bookmarks folder to get way out of control. So beware the recs list of DOOOOOOOOM!

It's possible I have recced some of these before, yet they reappeared in the folder due to syncing mismatches between three installs of Pale Moon (Firefox), but whatever. If they were worth it once, surely they're worth it again. Read more... )

Whew! What was that, 20? I dunno, I only sort of counted the number of times I pasted in my rec template. I have a few Yuletide recs in other fandoms, but I'll save those for a different post.
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( Mar. 29th, 2013 09:58 pm)
Wormwood and Gall by [ profile] delphipsmith (in [ profile] snapecase)
Severus Snape, Albus Dumbledore, cameo by Lucius Malfoy; G, 3785 words
Author's summary: When Severus is offered the job of Potions Master at Hogwarts, he thinks that perhaps life might not be as desolate as it looked. Whether or not this is correct remains to be seen.
Author's warnings: Angst.

My comment: Great "missing years" piece.

"Are you well, Severus?" Albus Dumbledore said solicitously.

"Oh yes," Severus Snape said through numb lips. "Being nearly condemned to Azkaban is such an...energizing pastime."


Grey in the Dark by [ profile] potionpen
Eileen, Severus, OMC; AO3 rated "general audiences", 4082 words
Author's summary: It's a chocolate-scented August in the Sherwood, and there's a stormcrow at the door.

(this is about Severus buying his first wand, but not from Ollivander.)

"And he's a Ministry toady," the woman added, scowling. "The Trace on every bleeding wand he sells."

"Southern milquetoast," Dickon agrees, making a face. "No one'd stand for that nonsense north of Kent. Now, lad, do you want your mam to stay?"


(Love is a) Battlefield by [ profile] veridari (in [ profile] severus_sighs)
Severus/Harry, Neville, Teeny Nagini, Minerva, Draco and BAMF!Trevor; G
Author's summary: It is the annual Staff Valentine's Day Party, where lines are drawn in the sand, enemies are made and Cupid is nowhere to be found. Or is he? Yes, just your typical holiday at Hogwarts.

My comment: LOL! I love all of this. I think my favorite part is either Trevor's less-than-impressed look at his costume, or Minerva's assured delight at pointing out the missed point in Severus's logic...


Five Moments of Doubt by [ profile] Bagheera
Severus, Minerva, Ginny, Neville, Luna, Pomona Sprout; AO3 rated "general audiences", 5911 words
Author's summary: Five times someone doubted Snape's allegiance while he was headmaster, five moments at Hogwarts during year seven.

Ginny swallowed. Most portraits were feigning sleep, some empty, but Dumbledore was awake and present. He raised his silver eyebrows at her, then made a shooing motion with his hand, as if to remind her of her lines. Then he leaned back in the window frame and gazed down at Snape, calm and melancholy, as if he were seeing something quite different from his murderer.


The Things Draco Carries by [ profile] catsintheattic
Draco, Pansy, Severus, Vincent, Gregory, Blaise, Malfoys; AO3 rated "teen and up", 4875 words
Author's summary: Another pure-blood will recognise you by your blood and heritage, but any commoner will recognise you by your possessions. Seven years at Hogwarts. Seven insights into Draco’s schoolbag.

There is a Potions essay in his bag that Professor Snape has marked in Draco’s first year. He has written not too bad under the text, followed by the energetic scribble that is his signature. Knowing Snape, Draco treats the parchment as if his Professor’s script were written in ink of gold.


Last Day at the Mill by Squirrel Patronus
Tobias, Severus; rated Teen, 2016 words
Author's summary: The Mill in Cokeworth is shutting down. Tobias Snape and his son, Severus, have different ideas about the future of the city.

He had meant to be friendly, conversational. His own son was a stranger to him. Severus smiled a ghastly grin at him. His black eyes continued to bore through his father.
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( Jul. 2nd, 2012 11:39 am)

Rock out with our wands out
by ~shazbot73 on deviantART

We all know Severus should be on the bass, not Albus, but this still amused me.

I think this is the first time I've tagged anything "Dobby".
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( May. 29th, 2012 06:43 pm)
Anatomy of a Prank by [ profile] xylodemon
Marauders, Regulus, Severus, rating AO3 "teen and up", 28099 words (plus a few hundred in images of handwriting on parchment)
Author's summary: Step by step instructions for those wishing to emulate the incomparable Messrs Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs.

I won't be spoiling this at all, really, if I say that the prank in question is short-sheeting the beds of all of Hogwarts. There's a lot more hung on and woven around that one little plot fact. Nice pice of humorous gen; this from me who doesn't normally enjoy hearing tales of the gleeful exploits of those oh so charming Marauders. OTOH, features a Peter who is far from the cliched lump.

"Whereby, all punishments meted, including but not limited to detentions, banishments, and letters written home, will be served by the accused, without regard to innocence or guilt, lest a fellow Marauder betray one of his comrades in arms," Remus recited, and if he didn't stop reading that book, Sirius was going to beat him about the face and head with it. "Furthermore, all spoils earned, given, or otherwise gained shall be shared equally and without reservation, with the exception of Marmite, tinned fish, invitations to Slughorn's office, and the favours of Lily Evans."


A Spy, A Curse, A War, A Kiss: by [ profile] diadelphous in [ profile] silverdoefest
Severus/Lily, R, ~27000 words
Author's summary: During the first Wizarding War, Dumbledore gives Lily an assignment: reconnect with her old friend, the Death Eater Severus Snape.
Author's warnings: AU. Possibly OOC Lily. Some gore/gruesomeness. Prostitution (not a major plot point). Smoking. This is an AU with two major changes from canon. The first is that Lily was consciously in love with Severus during school, but never acted on it because of his interest in the Dark Arts. The second is that the "Mudblood" incident never happened, and so Lily and Severus stayed friends up until the point that he joined the Death Eaters.

Crispin made a low growling noise in the back of his throat, though some of the other Death Eaters laughed. Sev dragged Lily through the Death Eaters and shoved her up against the bar. For a split second his mouth was against her ear, his breath warm and soft, and in a whisper like wind he said, "Scream when you should scream."


In The Midst of Life by [ profile] albalark in [ profile] snapecase
Severus, Lily, Tobias, Albus, Minerva; PG, 7831 words
Author's summary: The past is never really past.
Author's warnings: character death (not Severus)

A surge of disgust had gone through him then, mixed with a powerful self-loathing every bit the equal of what he felt for his father. This was the source of his own weakness, the reason he'd been merely tolerated in Slytherin House and never truly accepted, whatever his merits as a wizard. He had pulled his arm away with a jerk and looked over the man in front of him with a sneer.

Circumstances Being What They Are by [ profile] scratchywilson
Severus, Voldemort, Dumbledore, rated Gen in AO3 system (possibly PG), 3840 words
Author's summary: GoF gapfiller. Severus Snape returns to the fold of the Death Eaters, willingly binding his fate to two masters. He wonders if the return will be worth the risk.
Author's warnings: Non-graphic violence

My comment: "Great job! Good choice of 'missing moment' - this is something so important to Severus's story."

He did not dare speak until the Dark Lord gave him permission. But no welcome, no reproach, even no curse came. The silence stretched on, punctuated only by the hiss and crack of the logs in the fire. The Dark Lord was a cat, toying with his meal.


Twenty Things Slytherin Knows About That Rantypants Brewery Swot With The Nose (and one thing Gryffindor never will) by [ profile] potionpen
Severus, various Slytherins, Lily, basically an ensemble cast; Gen in AO3 (but it does have some coarse language so maybe PG-13 for that), 18902 words
Author's summary: Some people are Slyth enough to sort Gryff, and some are kinda sorta vey is mir zomg unbelievably not. (Does what it says on the label).
No warnings but let me quote the extensive, amusing tag list at you: Hat abuse, we're gonna win the universe!, slices of life, Severus wishes he were a sneaky bastard, I fight only for myself, that hate-on Severus has for Gryffindor, that hate-on Gryffindor has for Severus, bullheaded stubbornness vs. two-faced hypocrisy, young Severus, nongraphic, harsh world, Severus's embarrassing love affair with potions, episodic, abuse of defenseless textbooks.

I left more than one comment on this in conversation with the author (which half the time isn't exactly relevant to the story); you can read those here if you like.

One soggy, humid November day in fourth year (and let's be fair, now, the wet chill and low barometer had even normal people surly and touchy) he walked out of a Runes exam, stiffarmed Bagman against the wall, spoke a quiet word to him, and padded away.

Right, right, a nothing, sure, and that's what everyone else thought, too, only once he was gone it took Lupin and Evans and two of Bagman's mates to lever him, quivering, out of his steaming puddle and drag him to the infirmary, where he babbled for hours about endless frozen depths of hell rising up to spear him through the nose with unholy blasting black flames of icy scornful pitchforky death.

P.S. That excerpt (not to mention the title) is pretty representative of the style; it will help your enjoyment of this fic a lot if you like that sort of on-purpose-run-on, ranty, slightly breathless and hysterical tone played for humor (as well as ha ha only serious). There really are a lot of clever phrasings in this fic.


(Finding) Life After Voldemort by [ profile] r_grayjoy in [ profile] hoggywartyxmas
Severus Snape, Minerva McGonagall, Pomona Sprout, Alastor Moody, Remus Lupin, Lily Potter, Eileen Snape, and (offscreen) Neville Longbottom; PG-13, ~3500 words
Author's summary: A series of not-so-unrelated moments in the lives of several not-so-unconnected individuals. (Largely gen with a side of femslash and a dash of slash thrown in for flavor. AU of the "Deaths? What Deaths?" sort.)

My comment: "Nice series :)" (ooo helpful.)

There was a great deal of Eileen Snape in her son. They both had the same long, homely features and pitch-black hair that was prone to oiliness and disarray. They had both mastered the sort of withering glare that made the recipient feel approximately ten centimeters high. And they were both capable of holding a grudge for decades.
This is a very awesome selection from [ profile] springtime_gen:

Ministry Business - Official or Otherwise by (as yet anonymous)
(Albus Dumbledore, Cornelius Fudge, Mafalda Hopkirk, Rufus Scrimgeour, Rita Skeeter, Dolores Umbridge, Arthur Weasley, Yaxley, and a few-last-name-only/original characters; PG)
Author's summary: In a time of uncertainty, Rufus Scrimgeour seemed like the obvious choice for Minister of Magic. Or was he? A look into the private, written exchanges between Ministry employees during the end of Fudge's reign and the beginning of another.

My comment: "*flail* SO awesome. The amount of thought and work that went into this really shows. It's like you've picked out certain details in a vast painting - the rest of the painting is implied very well. P.S. I love Yaxley referring to Voldemort (right?) as 'our Dear Friend'."

This is epistolary fiction in the form of various official letters, memos, transcripts, reports, etc., set during June and July 1996 (just after the end of OotP). It looks pretty, being all images with handwriting fonts and things, although unfortunately that means I can't count the words (I think it took me about half an hour to read it?) nor is it accessible to those who might need to use a screen reader. (Also could use some better text editing in some spots.) Still, I really enjoyed it.
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( Apr. 13th, 2011 02:35 pm)
OMG awesome pic of Dumbledore and Fawkes here. Lest you wondered if he was deserving of being the only wizard Voldemort feared...
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( Feb. 28th, 2011 04:42 pm)

(there's some other Potter and Very Potter Musical ones in there too.)
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( Feb. 22nd, 2011 02:34 pm)
Concept art by James Goodridge for Harry Potter (and a few other things), or see also on Oclumencia

Some of these strike me a little oddly:

"His Use of Power" Action!Hero!Snape - weird, but weirds me out less than "Wisdom and Determination" Hulk!Dumbledore

"Made Low" - what is going on here I don't even? Is this some kind of concept for "Flight of the Prince" or maybe something from the Occlumency stuff in OotP?

Good body language in "Snape Persona" but it's like he took Alan Rickman and somehow made him look even less right.

"Embracing Leadership" (Snape leaning on the Headmaster's owl podium) is pretty cool, though, even despite the Alan-Rickman-lookalike aversion I have these days.
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( Jan. 25th, 2011 01:04 pm)
Nine recs, a few slightly stale from holiday fests, others from [ profile] snapecase which is still posting, although I could have sworn I saw the author of "Standing at the Fork in the Road" claiming it as hers somewhere O.o but I can't find that now. (Anyway, if any of these are yours and you're at liberty to reveal it, please do say - I may have missed some attributions since it seems not all fests go back and edit in author names after reveals.)

On the table here today we have Severus/Regulus, Severus/Sirius, two Severus/Harry, and a bunch of gen (or nearly gen).

Read more... )
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( Dec. 2nd, 2010 09:43 pm)
Too Many Puppies (or on IJ) by [personal profile] acatnamedeaster/[ profile] someoldcat
(Severus, Padfoot, Moony, humor, G)

One word: STICK!!!


Any Colour You Like by (anonymous)
(Tom Riddle, Dumbledore, gen/dark, PG-13, ~1950 words)
Dumbledore's version of the orphanage visit isn't the only one. Set pre-canon. Prompt: "I just don't think there are any rules to color. You have a small space with no windows? Put lamps in there, make it dramatic, paint the ceiling black. Do something with it. If it's dark, accentuate the darkness." David Bromstad

My sole useless comment on this was "awesome!" It's basically the scene we see in "The Secret Riddle", from little Tom's point of view. The sense of the cold, confrontational emotions in his proto-sociopath mind is really good.


In the Interest of Peace and Goodwill by (anonymous)
(Harry/Draco, relationship/sexual situation, R; possibly NWS)
Harry really is terrible at giving speeches.

Comic format. I especially liked the way their young-adult faces were drawn on the 2nd page and Draco's off-the-cuff suggestion (and Harry's response) on the 8th page. Oh, and Harry's toes on the 6th page! Guh! And Harry all toffed up on the 9th page. Okay, apparently I had more to say about this than I thought... especially given that H/D isn't usually something I seek out (although I have nothing against it).


Maybe it's Snapeline (scroll down to the second piece) by [profile] binsybaby (aka Emily Cicierega, as in Neil Cicierega -- whom I have just learned I share a birthday with! woo! -- as in the Potter Puppet Pals)
(Severus, er, well, kinda; parody, G)

If you were bemused by Alan Rickman's wig in DH Part 1, this art is for you. Some other funny things on this page too (I liked Albus Severus's Sorting) but I get the feeling some of them are inside jokes.
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( May. 6th, 2010 09:11 pm)
I've always wondered who the Brian is in Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore. Percival is his father, and Wulfric sounds to me like it might be another male relative, like his Dumbledore grandfather or an uncle or something. But Brian? Besides slightly comedic effect next to the other names (which I'm sure was intended on JKR's part), maybe Kendra's father or something? ("Kendra" still strikes me the wrong way for the period, btw.)

I also wonder if Aberforth and Ariana had similar triple middle names, and if so, what they were...
Speaking of fic recs, here's a bunch of stuff I've had simmering in my to-rec folder for a long time. Where my comments were fairly long I'm linking to them on the original post, rather than paste them here, but beware spoilers therein (I tend to pick out favorite lines and may talk about plot twists or the like). There's a good deal of Severus/Sirius in this batch, as well as some gen, dark, Severus/Harry, a little sort of Severus/Lily, and (unusually for me) two items with Severus/Minerva and Severus/Pomona respectively.

7 from various places, including hp_beholder, Snarry Games, hp_darkfest )

3 from daily_deviant )

4 from Severus Big Bang )

4 from Severus' Shorts )
Speaking of fic recs, here's a bunch of stuff I've had simmering in my to-rec folder for a long time. Where my comments were fairly long I'm linking to them on the original post, rather than paste them here, but beware spoilers therein (I tend to pick out favorite lines and may talk about plot twists or the like). There's a good deal of Severus/Sirius in this batch, as well as some gen, dark, Severus/Harry, a little sort of Severus/Lily, and (unusually for me) two items with Severus/Minerva and Severus/Pomona respectively.

7 from various places, including hp_beholder, Snarry Games, hp_darkfest )

3 from daily_deviant )

4 from Severus Big Bang )

4 from Severus' Shorts )


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