Man, I am so lazy about actually making rec posts. These have been building up for quite a while, so strap in:

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edit: apparently this crosspost to LJ failed. apologies to those who see it more than once on DW and IJ.

I've been building these up for a while (there are... 17?), so I'm omitting the quotes from the fics I would usually give.

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...bwah? Apparently the share-to-LJ icon has reappeared on dA. Well that sure makes my life easier again!

snarry kiss
by ~kissyushka on deviantART

You Thought Harry Had Problems
by ~Treacle-Miner on deviantART

by ~Treacle-Miner on deviantART

Snape on the Couch
by ~Treacle-Miner on deviantART

Potter's Owl
by ~kakao-bean on deviantART
This is a large cotton batik, over 30 inches square!


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